Brew Me Up Scotty! Tea Rooms of Britain

You can’t beat a good brew. A cup of tea when made right can be amazing, be it first thing in the morning or anytime during the day, a cuppa can help you sit back, chill and relax as the world goes by.  There are some fantastic tea rooms in the UK where you can get some wonderful brews made for you accompanied by a homemade cake or scone, so check out our guide to some of the best in Britain!
Betty’s, Harrogate: An established and legendary name in Tea Rooms across the country, Betty’s which was opened in 1911 in Harrogate with branches throughout Yorkshire and York, is one of the most renowned Tea Rooms in the country. Steeped in history and extremely diverse in its tea menu, they serve more than 70 different kinds of teas apart from an alarmingly high selection of eats which include scones, sandwiches, pastries and much more.

Betty's tea room in Harrogate

The Tea Cosy, Brighton: For those who want a properly regal Tea experience, the Tea Cosy situated in Brighton is one of the best places to visit. Completely royal in its menu and in its patronage, there are several teas on the menu which indicates its royal lineage. The various rules of the house include prohibition of dunking biscuits in the tea and also resting the elbows on the table, although you’d have trouble stopping me dipping a biscuit in my brew when there’s no one looking!

The Tea Cosy, Brighton

Time for Tea, London: Located in a city bustling with the pace of a metropolis, Time for Tea is one Tea Room that those with old world inclinations must visit. The immaculately done interiors exude all the intricacy of the 40’s. The place is open only on Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 12 and 7 PM.

Orange Pekoe, London: a street side Tea room, offering patrons a very contemporary tea experience, while not compromising on the traditional values of Tea time, it is situated in London and offers more than 70 varieties of tea aside from hot scones.

Leaf Tea Bar, Liverpool: One of the most off-beat kinds of Tea-Rooms in the country, the Leaf tea Bar is a very elegant and modern tea room in the daytime. In the night however, it changes its form into one of Liverpool’s coolest night clubs. Coupling the Tea tradition with extremely modern clubbing concepts, the Leaf Tea Bar is extremely modern and highly distinct.

Some brews on the go in Liverpool's Leaf Tea Bar

The Rose, Oxford: An extremely intimate and well done Tea Room, the Rose offers its patrons teas which have been made from local ingredients and also offers various exotic teas which are imported. The teas come with cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches along with salmon followed by cakes and scones which are home made. The place offers a very homely feel to its patrons and makes for a terrific Tea experience.

There are probably hundreds more than you have been to and can recommend yourself, and most will argue that the best cuppa is made at home, either way, brews are what make Britain so amazing!

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