Host Your Own Olympics

Beat the Blues and Host your own Olympics

It’s been a British Summer of epic proportions. No-one denies it. However, despite the fact that the coverage has ended, the ceremonies have closed and the flame has been extinguished, none of us are quite ready to mourn the end of this summer yet. The best way to stave off post-Olympic depression is to get your mates or your family together and host your own Olympic event, complete with an opening ceremony and athletes village. Here’s how:

Stage 1: Competitors

Sign up your friends, colleagues, neighbours, nans, anyone you like. Once you have a group, you’ll need to split yourselves into teams and assign each one a country. If this causes too many disputes and threatens to spill over into civil war, (not everyone can be in Team GB) then draw names from a hat. For example, if there are ten of you, split yourselves into pairs and adopt one of the following:

  • Macedonia
  • Uzbekistan
  • Venezuala
  • Slovenia
  • Sri Lanka

Stage 2: Events

There are some fantastic operators across the UK who will host your event and may even provide medals. Did you know that you can do the following Olympic activities across the country?

Archery, Shooting, Horse Riding, Sailing, Swimming, Polo and Cycling.

However, because it’s your Olympics you might prefer to add your own events. How about:

Falconry, Wing Walking, Obstacle Course, Paintballing, Llama Trekking, Raft Building or Monster Trucking?

There are literally hundreds to choose from. A great resource is Factivities, an online directory of activities, locations and deals.

Stage 3: Olympic Village

No, team competition event would be complete without an athlete’s village. Haven have sites all along the British coast with group accommodation. You can stay in holiday homes by team country, or book a villa for the last event and let the winners have that; much nicer than a plastic gold medal.

Have a look, there are some great deals for September available, and hopefully, by the time the excitement (or injuries) of your own Olympics have worn off you’ll be more able to cope with the end of the real thing. And if not, Christmas is just around the corner…

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