Beach Etiquette

The beach can be a very liberating place. All that sand, all that sea, all that space, you feel like the world is your oyster… Well I’m sorry to break the news to you, but it’s not. You have to remember that other people use that beach and the last thing they want is you strutting around like you own the place. What you need to be, is considerate of others. Be nice, be pleasant; even go all out and have a bit of fun if you want! But just be aware that the beach is somewhere for everyone to relax. We bet that at least once during your holidaying you’ve become acquainted with a few of those pesky rebels who laugh in the face beach etiquette. So, to stop them from taking over the world, we’re here to bring a few tips to get you thinking!


Alright, everybody might be friends on the beach but don’t give them all an eyeful! Opt for something a little more tasteful, something which flatters your figure. Consider all your options; ladies, why not check out tankini swimwear online? Or the different ranges of bikini available at the moment? Or even go for the old school ‘one piece;’ simple yet effective.  Well, whatever you choose, as long as you don’t look like Borat then people will be happy.


Sounds like we’re being that angry neighbour who used to scream at you for even tiptoeing past their garden fence, but we’re not! You know what we’re talking about; it’s all fun and games until a ball hits you in the face. Just be aware of your surroundings. Many escape to the beach for a bit of a chill (all they’re after is a nice relax with a good book!) so you can imagine their distress when a frisbee flies out of nowhere and gets them right between the eyes; funny for you, not for them.


Mate, the beach is a beach, not rave central. Put them boombox’s back in 90s where you found them and stick the old headphones back in, people will love you for it. What you think are absolute tunes are probably not, so think about those around you yeah? It would be rude not to.


Similar to the music scenario, everybody will not, we repeat, WILL NOT, appreciate ‘drunken you.’ As hilarious as you think you are, having a drink can exaggerate your emotions, and we don’t want you to get horribly abusive or crazy emotional now do we! A couple of drinks is completely fine, who doesn’t love the odd Pina Colada? But take it easy. Remember, you’re in the sun too; this and alcohol are not a good combination. Stay safe kids!

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