Exploring Beautiful Indonesia

Mar 14, 17 Exploring Beautiful Indonesia

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How often do we feel the need to run away? You don’t feel yourself as good or as useful at your work as you felt before? You don’t understand in what direction you’re moving any more? Everything feels senseless and tasteless? Well, that might be a harbinger that you should change something. Moreover, it might be a...

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Three Major Museums in South Kensington London

Feb 16, 17 Three Major Museums in South Kensington London

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Did you know that three of the top ten museums and galleries in the world are situated in London? London has 857 art galleries in total and over 170 museums, with 11 national museums, including the three majors in South Kensington, which are the Natural History Museum, Science Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum. Interestingly,...

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Understanding the Craze of Football in England

Feb 15, 17 Understanding the Craze of Football in England

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Jesse Ellis Lingard was responsible for bringing the ‘dab’ dance craze to British consciousness when he scored in Manchester, says an article in The Telegraph, published on January 13, 2017. Children everywhere in England followed the steps, including Cristiano Ronaldo’s son, when he congratulated his dad on...

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25 Kitchen Life Hacks that Will Make your Life Easier

Feb 14, 17 25 Kitchen Life Hacks that Will Make your Life Easier

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Sometimes simple things can make life easier. For example, the kitchen life hacks. Try these simple tricks that will save you time and money. Thanks to our friends, Ukrainian women for chat, for providing us with these charming ideas How to check the freshness of eggs To see if an egg is rotten or broken, lower it into the water. A...

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Car Accidents Abroad Needn’t Drive You Around the Bend with Injury Claims

When on your travels, you may be fearful of making a car accident injury claim if it happened abroad, or simply not know what to do. But it’s not always a difficult road ahead. Accidents waiting to happen. That’s probably how best to describe the average Brit driving on roads abroad. With just one exception in Europe...

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