Apartment Rentals – A Great Alternative Hotels

When travelling, near or far, one of the main things that has the potential to make or break your trip is the quality of your accommodation. Badly chosen accommodation could turn your experience in a wonderful city into something you’d rather forget. For this reason, putting a bit of time into selecting where you stay is worthwhile. Many people will automatically start their search on a hotel or hostel website but this article is here to tell you about why you should consider an apartment rental instead. For apartments, the London Serviced Apartments website is a great starting point.


One reason is that apartments come with a kitchen which means that you can whip up your own meals while you’re there. This means you’ll save money by buying groceries to cook for yourself and, depending what country you’re in, it will give you a great opportunity to whip up some local recipes. It’ll also encourage you to break from the tourist trail and head to a local market or grocery store to stock up which will add an interesting element to your trip.

Get a Taste of Life as a Local

Though there are many apartment options in a city’s main tourist areas, those spots aren’t the only places to see. Neighbourhoods outside of the usual recommendations often have a personality of their own with plenty to see. Hotels might not have set up in these places yet, but apartments are often an option. Staying a bit outside of the usual places and exploring a local neighbourhood will set your trip apart from the usual experience and add a bit extra into the mix.


Hotel rooms are expensive. Hostels, less so, but you get what you pay for. Apartment rentals often come with a much cheaper price tag than a hotel room would, especially if you’re planning on staying a week or more.

Set Your Pace

If you’re staying in a busy, hectic city and you have lots on your agenda (either work or tourist activities), an apartment offers an personal space to zone out and relax without having to stick to your dorm or hotel room. You can wake up and wander around in your undies for awhile while reading a book and waiting for your coffee to brew. Or if you’d rather be go go go then wake up and scatter 20 maps around the room! Apartments give you a level of personal space that lets you set your own pace.

More Space

With some exceptions, apartments are likely to be larger than a hotel room and certainly much larger than your dorm space in a hostel. Feeling cooped up in a hotel room can make returning there at the end of the night feel like a punishment rather than a reward for a hard day on the city’s streets. Apartments will usually have several rooms beyond just the bedroom and this makes your accommodation feel a lot less claustrophobic.

Finding the Right Apartment Rental

Searching for accommodation shouldn’t be rushed, no matter what type you’re looking at. If you’re looking for a place that’s not in an obvious tourist area, take some time to research that neighbourhood. If you’ll be relying on public transportation to get around, take some time to see what each neighbourhood has to offer. If London is your target city, for example, check out this map to see where each place is located and then start your research from there.

Finding a great place to stay while you visit a new city is key to having a good time so do your research and make sure to find a place that’s a great fit for you!

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