A New Year to Remember

New Year is supposed to be the best night of the year. Hands up who actually enjoys it? Yes there might have been that one year where you went to that amazing house party, but actually it’s not always that great. If you go out you end up crushed at the bar, waiting for ages to get served. And don’t even get us started on the taxi fare home. If you stay in, you feel like you should go out. Either way, you’re not winning. But, why not make it a New Year to remember and do something different?

Loads of people are now starting to head to cottages out in the countryside, with a group of friends. You can do what you want. Drinks, dancing, as much noise as you can handle. Oh yeah and most of them have little perks like hot tubs too. Sound good? Yeah we think so too.

But, here’s just a note of caution before we start. If you’re driving up to your cottage at New Year be careful. Make sure your insurance is up to date. If you need to renew, look into motor insurance quotes and get it sorted before you go. All motorists on the road at this time of year need to be as safe as possible.

So here are our top destinations.

Lake District

The Lake District is an old favourite for holiday cottages. You can take a morning stroll at the side of Lake Windermere or Lake Derwent on New Year’s Day or maybe even a stroll up to Orrest Head or Helm Crag. Or you can just relax in your cottage, enjoy the hot tub and bring the New Year in, in style.

Out in the Forest

A cottage with all mod cons is one thing. A log cabin in the forest is another. There are plenty available all over the country to suit your location. You can choose from Sherwood Forest, Deerpark, Strathyre; but our personal favourite is the Forest of Dean. There are tree house cabins tucked away in the depths of the forest as well as luxury options to suit any budget. Relax in the hot tub before retiring to your spot in front of the wood burner with champagne flute in hand. Thoughts of queuing up for overpriced Cava down your local will seem a world away.


Cottages in Dorset offer you a few different options. You can go right out into the countryside, or choose one in a row of cottages for more of a village feel. Either way, there’s everything you need to make your New Year go with a bang.

It’ll be one to remember. Now move fast and get booking!

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