A guide to Stratford Upon Avon

The little town of Stratford-upon-Avon, located in South Warwickshire, England, boasts a famous claim to history; it is the birthplace of William Shakespeare. It is not a surprise that much of its tourism is centered around this famous historical figure. There many important and scenic sites to visit while you are here so come down to one of England’s most important and beloved cultural destinations.

The Royal Shakespeare Theater located in town is home to the famous Royal Shakespeare Company, an important cultural venue to the country of Great Britain. While there, you can watch one of the productions currently showing in the theater; the company produces about 20 a year. You can also enjoy a leisurely stroll alongside the River Avon that is situated alongside the theater. In addition, there are many other sites to visit such as homes once occupied by Shakespeare’s wife, mother and father, and daughter.

Along Henley Street, you can walk through and experience the house that John Shakespeare, father to William, purchased and raised his family. Occupied by generations of the Shakespeare family, you can see and enjoy the house that William Shakespeare experienced his childhood in. You can also learn the history behind the home from generation to generation of Shakespeares. While there on Henley Street, you can take a break and watch street entertainers perform, or enjoy a latte at one of the many al fresco cafes.

You can also visit the historical sites on Sheep Street. The small town of Stratford-upon-Avon’s economy heavily relied on their sheep industry to thrive in the past. Sheep were brought in and slaughtered for their meat and wool, and in particular on Sheep Street. As the name indicates, this street housed many of the places where the sheeps were processed.

The best time to visit Stratford-upon-Avon depends on your tolerance to climate. If you are a fair weathered person then the months of June to September would be the best time to visit. Average temperatures during this time range from low 60 to low 70 degrees Farenheit. The remaining months see cooler temperatures.

Getting to Stratford-upon-Avon is convenient with many options to choose from. The closest airport located to the town is in Birmingham ,the second largest city in the UK, located 35 miles away. From there, you can hire a car or pay for a coach to take you the remainder of the way. Taking the train from London is also another option. The ride is approximately 2 hours long and you would disembark at the Stratford Railway Station.

Finally, if you wish to enjoy the scenic drive on your own timeline, you can take the motorway in your own vehicle. Just simply hire a car from the destination you are travelling from and take one of the motorway that lead into town. From London using the M40 Motorway, you are looking at a 110 mile drive.

This beautiful hidden gem is waiting for people to come and discover its rich history. With many options for food, accomodations, and sites to see, it is a place you must put on your list to visit next.

Post provided by Paul, on behalf of Sterling Relocaitons, an International Moving Company who also offer UK removals. Paul is a UK travel blogger who loves getting away at weekends to different places around Britain.

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  1. You have already made the point that Birmingham airport is only about 35 minutes away so is within a reasonable taxi ride away.

    You also suggest picking up a hire car to get to Stratford. A very good idea. For 2 (or up to 4 people) the best, quickest and cheapest way of getting to Stratford could be getting a one way hire car – collecting from the airport and dropping off in Stratford. To do this you would need to use Hertz as this is the only mainstream car hire company in the town with an office at Stratford train station. They do accept one way hires. And you could then do it on the way back if needed.

    I have no connection with Hertz.
    Tony Merrygold – Shakespeare Country

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