A guide to Looe, Cornwall

I first heard of Looe from my brother (who is considerably older than me) who once spent NYE at Looe’s famous Beach Firework Show (Everyone who takes part HAS to dress up in fancy dress) where he ran into the sea naked in front of hundreds of people, whilst fireworks filled the sky.

I didn’t believe him about any of it, and for a while I forgot about Looe, until I recently saw the tombola bingo bumpers during Emmerdale. At the time I was 19 and old enough to really enjoy new years (if you know what I mean) so I thought I would go see how awesome the place was for myself (and to see if my brother was telling the truth) and I loved it. In fact I went twice, and I loved it so much I thought I would put my top five things to do in Looe on the internet, so here we are:

So I never found out if what my brother told me was true, but I did end up celebrating NYE there and it was great. All of the townspeople take to the streets in what can only be described as a very eclectic range of costumes for a night you’ll never forget. It all culminated in the beach firework scene he’d told me about (so I guess it could be true, although I didn’t replicate it) which was more beautiful than any firework display I’ve seen before, or after.
I’m a big food guy. I love to eat. One of my favourite foods is fish. Looe is a fishing town, full of fishermen, who catch fish, so I was expecting big things. Down near where the fishermen bring everything in, you can find several vendors who will cook the fish as soon as it’s off the boat. OH MY GOD IS IT GOOD! I haven’t eaten fish that good before, I haven’t. They had fresh Crab and Lobster too, but it was the Fish that was the highlight. They also sell most of the fish onto the local cafés so the whole town is full of incredible food. So if you’re a foodie, go, go now!
I grew up on music, and going to festivals like Leeds and Reading. As I grew older I became a bit tired of how big these festivals were and how commercial they felt (that, plus the ridiculous amounts of drunken teenagers was REALLY annoying!). I wanted to find a festival that I could go to and relax, as well as rock out, and I discovered the Looe music festival. Before I talk about this I just want to mention that I haven’t actually been: I just like what it stands for. The festival is a charity event that first started in 2011.The festival is still a baby and is sure to grow over the years to come. You should get yourself there (while it’s really cheap for a festival) so when people mention the Looe music festival, you can say “I was there when it started, man!”
I love space because I find the unknown fascinating, yet I never knew that the human race knew less about the oceans here on Earth as they do about the universe. This puts the beauty of the ocean into perspective, and so I thought it would be great to do a glass-bottomed boat tour. The waters around Looe are filled with amazing creatures: fish of all kinds (Sharks too) as well as Crabs, Lobsters, and a bunch of other stuff. You’ll be amazed what lies just beneath the surface of the sea.
Growing up I loved Monkeys. When you become an adult you never quite leave that stuff behind. So when I got the opportunity to go to the Looe Monkey sanctuary I was very excited. The Looe looks after several kind of Monkey, such as Woolly Monkeys, Capuchin Monkeys, and Barbary Macaques, as well as helping to save environments around the world in a bid to make Monkeys safe from extinction. The sanctuary also features a general wild-life park, as well as a real life Bat-cave! (Not the kind Batman has). It’s a great day out for the whole family. Now here’s a picture of a monkey:

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  1. That’s a really nice review of Looe and I shall give my followers the heads up about your website. I have a website all about Looe called http://www.ilovelooe.co.uk which you might be interested in. There are loads of photos of the town, the Looe Music Festival and the New year celebrations. I have a podcast too :). Kee up the great work.

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