A guide to Birmingham

Birmingham city is centrally positioned in the UK. It is home to many inhabitants of diverse cultures and this makes it a perfect tourist destination. It hosts a wide variety of attractions which is guaranteed to leave you with sweet memories of the place. Birmingham is popular for its industrial heritage that owes its background to James Watt who invented the steam engine. In fact, the industrial revolution was initiated here in the mid 19th century.

Apart from that, it boasts of a wide range of a wide range of art galleries and excellent museums as a top cultural centre in England. With the launch of the National Exhibition Centre, this city is presently a great attraction for tourists worldwide. A city break guide to Birmingham comes in handy for you who wish to spend some time in this splendid place.

You may decide to visit Birmingham in order to witness or be part of a number of festivals that take place in the city. If this is the case, then it is advisable to book a hotel in Birmingham early in advance. This is because you will be required to secure a room to stay at during nights that are packed with numerous activities. Important calendar events include the Birmingham Gay Pride, Music for the Mystified fair and Sheldon Country festival which take place in the months of May, June and August respectively.

You may consider visiting a number of museums in Birmingham which represent a rich historical background. Black Country, Birmingham and Aston Manor transport museum among others are popular museums in this particular city. When you visit Black Country, you will realize that it focuses on the industrial and natural history found in UK. The Aston Manor Transport Museum is well presented with many small exhibits, a café and a shop that has adequate stock. It is hosted in a place that was formerly a tram depot. The Birmingham Museum is among the principal tourist attractions in this stunning city. It was opened in 1885 and since then, tourists have been flocking this attraction to enjoy the spectacular insect and bird collections.

Incase you and your loved ones love nature, National Sea Life Centre and Dudley Zoo are the places to be. Dudley Zoo is situated within the proximity of Dudley Castle in Dudley town. It is home to a number of animals such as tigers, giraffes, lions, wallabies, reindeers and two snow leopards. In addition, it also hosts primates which are quite many. Your family will definitely enjoy seeing the wide variety of animals of different species. Sutton Park and Birmingham Botanical Gardens are some of the parks which will give you and your close friends or family a special treat.

A  break in Birmingham is not complete without the mention of Cadburys, Cadbury World and Cadbury Village Bournville. If you have young kids, they will definitely have a lot of fun watching how chocolate is made. The old and middle aged will not be left out as they will also find it interesting just to know the processes involved in making delicious chocolate that their children love to eat.

In conclusion, you ought to consider visiting the above places and attending the galas. This is because they make Birmingham a well known tourist destination and you will not be disappointed upon visiting the place. A good city break guide provides you with adequate information regarding museums, events and the great history of this lovely city.

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