7 Golden Rules For An Educated Vaper

There is no doubt that vaping is 95% safer than smoking (according to PHE (Public Health England) and is allowed in some public areas where smoking is not. But, this fact doesn’t permit us to ‘cloud’ everywhere. Vaping is not just a relatively new movement, but also a culture, where every member shows respect to surrounding ones all the time. This lays foundation to the ‘vape etiquette’.

If you are new to vaping, here is a short reminder of golden rules every vaper should obey. And if you are in search of a good store to buy vape online UK, this article is a good assistant for you as well.


  1. AT HOME – There is a good expression: ‘A man is the king in his house’. There are no set rules for vaping ‘at home’, but you still have to respect your family members and make sure it doesn’t cause discomfort to anyone. It’s recommended not to vape in bathrooms due to high humidity.
  2. OUTDOORS – When vaping outdoors you get rid of clouds in much shorter period of time, if compared with indoors vaping. However, while taking a puff in open air, you should always take care of people surrounding you, even if you are vaping in a allowed area.
  3. PUBLIC PLACES – When it comes to vaping in public places, there is no a clear-cut rule. Nonetheless, there is one thing which is obvious: if you decide to vape in a restaurant, club or elsewhere, you should double check if it’s allowed to use e-cigs there and ask for permission of people surrounding you.
  4. PERSONAL CAR – We all think: my car – my rules. Not exactly, if it’s related to vaping. Enjoying your e-cig in such a small space can obstruct the view and be very dangerous for the driver. Be responsible for your life, so as for other road users’ lives – stop the vehicle and vape as you please.


  1. NON-SMOKERS – Typically, non-smokers act as anti-vapers. Thus, asp for permission first, if you want to take a puff close to non-smokers and non-vapers. Some people may be obsessed with their health and be unwilling to inhale the vapour.
  2. SMOKERS – This isn’t about asking for permission here. It’s all about showing on your own example that life without tobacco cigarettes is wonderful. Try to name all the advantages people get when they give up smoking. Don’t forget to mention one of the most attractive ones: wide assortment of flavours and devices, so as plenty of vape discounts.
  3. MINORS – Vaping has never been targeted to minors. Moreover, a child may not see the difference between vapour and tobacco smoke, and start smoking of vaping, just because it seemed cool. Do not suggest an idea.

Just 7 rules that have one common message: respect people around you.

What is your personal golden rule of an educated vaper? Share your opinion in comments.

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