7 Foods Your Must Try in London

People often talk about London’s art, craft, history, architecture, and scientific spirit that are renowned world over. It is perhaps surprising, then, that food is often left out of such mentions. While it might not be as celebrated as the French or Italian cuisines, but the cuisine found in England is a wonderful delight.

Many top restaurants in London serve an amalgamation of dishes curated from different cultures and lands which have truly turned into London’s favourite gourmet. This is a nod to the British history which serves many episodes of the Englishmen’s adventures and interactions with different lands and peoples. So, you’re planning to visit London soon and wish to savour it on a plate, right? Let’s take a look at the seven local favourites that you must indulge in:

fish and chips at camden

1. Fish and Chips at Camden

An instantly recognizable dish that is often referred to as the signature of British cuisine, Fish and Chips consists of deep-fried cod or haddock fish accompanied with French fries, boiled or mashed peas, onion rings, and garnishing of salt and vinegar. For the best fish and chips experience, visit the thriving shopping borough of Camden.

baluchi lalit london

2. Pan-Indian exotica at Baluchi, The LaLiT London

Indian food is really popular in London, and Baluchi restaurant at The LaLiT London, one of the best boutique hotels in the city, has an exotic menu that will set your palate thriving with mad anticipation. You can savour a myriad range of dishes from various regions of India made with organic ingredients. We recommend the Awadhi Biryani. Also, if you are looking for a beautiful London accommodation for your visit, then The LaLiT London is highly recommended, thanks to its central location, stunning suites and a breath-taking spa experience.

breakfast club london

3. English Breakfast at Breakfast Club

Going to England and planning to miss out on English Breakfast? No way! This hearty meal of eggs, sausages, bacon, mushrooms, baked beans, black pudding and fired bread is perfect to get you up and running for your London exploits. We recommend having it at the nearest Breakfast Club outlet.

pie and mash

4. Pie and Mash at The Windmill Mayfair

Soho is a very famous pub in London, and one of its specialties is Bangers and Mash – a preparation of sausages and potatoes. Missing out on this would be criminal.

Yorkshire Pudding

5. Yorkshire Pudding at The Windsor Castle, Notting Hill

Yorkshire pudding is made of oven-baked flour, milk and eggs batter moistened with gravy and stuffed with vegetables for the main course. It is also had as a dessert by filling the batter with jam or ice cream. Visit the famous Windsor Castle in Notting Hill for a go at this dish!

bangers and mash

6. Bangers and Mash at Soho

Pie and Mash is another interesting English dish that consists of steak with pork or kidney pies, served along with creamy mashed potatoes. Tempted? Head over to the famous The Windmill Mayfair for a portion!

shepherd pie

7. Shepherd’s Pie at The Ivy Restaurant

Soho is a very famous pub in London, and one of its specialties is Bangers and Mash – a preparation of sausages and potatoes. Missing out on this would be crimina


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