5 Tips for Family Travel in Liverpool

Liverpool is a fantastic city for a family visit because it has such a variety of attractions that there’s something to suit everybody. It covers a wide area, so it’s unwise to try to see it on foot but once you’ve arranged a car hire in Liverpool; the City has so much to offer that you may have trouble fitting it all in.

Parks and gardens

The city boasts several beautiful parks, including Sefton and Princes Parks; a stone’s throw from one another in the south, not far from the Mersey. You can enjoy their lakes and playgrounds or Sefton’s Victorian palm house, which hosts events and concerts. In north Liverpool you can find Walton Hall Park and the famous Stanley Park which separates the football grounds of Liverpool and Everton.

A cultural heritage

Liverpool is blessed with a great many museums and galleries, including the Walker and Tate Liverpool art galleries, where you can see works by Rembrandt, Salvador Dali, L.S. Lowry and a host of other famous and not-so-famous artists. Down near the picturesque Pier Head, you’ll find the relatively new Museum of Liverpool which houses many interactive exhibits aimed at children, including the Little Liverpool area with a three-dimensional map of the city, complete with a river and boats. There are many public works of art around the streets, so you and your family might like to see how many Superlambananas you can spot in all their different forms.

Go wild in Knowsley

You shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit the inhabitants of Knowsley Safari Park, where you can see lions, elephants, giraffes and many other fascinating animals roaming in relative freedom. Make sure, however, that you take the car-friendly route that doesn’t actually pass through the baboon enclosure but goes close enough so that you can see the creatures without having the hire car stripped of anything detachable. There’s also a high-wire adventure area that is suitable for adults and children aged ten and older; if you have a head for heights, you can strap on your safety harness and get a fantastic view of the park as you negotiate the network of tightropes.

Ferry across the Mersey

The Mersey Ferry is an iconic symbol of the city. The trip takes you in a loop across to the Wirral Peninsula then back around to the Pier Head landing stage, as a recording relates the history of the ferry. There is a good atmosphere on board and you can enjoy a drink and a snack in the lounge or take it outside to get a better view of the Mersey shores, including the perfect view of Liverpool’s famous waterfront and skyline. You will recognise the ‘Three Graces’ on the Pier Head with the Liver Birds’ distinctive forms and the unmistakable outline of the Saint John’s Tower, known locally as ‘the bog brush’!


As well as the Pier Head, the Three Graces and the football grounds, Liverpool has many iconic places, such as those connected to the Beatles or their songs. You can visit Penny Lane, for example, or the Salvation Army children’s home Strawberry Field – singular – as well as the childhood homes of the Beatles. Both John’s and Paul’s houses are open to the public and preserved as they were when their most famous inhabitants lived there.

There’s not much you can’t do in Liverpool. To get the most out of a Merseyside trip, you’d need to stay for a week, but if you can’t afford the time, you’ll be sure to come back to visit again.

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