5 Things to do in Leeds

Leeds, the fourth largest metropolitan area in the UK, is more than just a business centre. It’s also
a great city to explore, regardless of your interests, and acts as a hub to some of the most beautiful
parts of the country.

This guide will suggest things that might not be in the guide books, with the
intention of making your visit to Leeds as special as possible.

Visit some bars

Leeds is home to numerous funky and often independent bars that will appeal to all tastes. From
ale pubs such as The Angel, in town, to Dock Street Market, near the docks, you’ll be sure to find
an atmosphere and drink selection to fit any tastes. The Otley Run is a famous pub crawl starting in
Headingley (just outside Leeds) and ending up in the centre via 18 pubs. Depending on the purpose
of your visit, such shenanigans may be right up your street!

Visit the docks

New developments are popping up all the time, and a lot of flats in Leeds are located at the docks,
but with good reason. It’s a lovely place to walk, and nods to Leeds’ history as a centre of Britain’s
export trade in times gone by. Modernisation efforts have been a great success, though, and now
you can get a taste of Leeds’ history and current culture all in one go. A walk along the Leeds-
Liverpool canal beginning or ending at the docks is a great way to spend the day!

Visit some art galleries

Two of Leeds’ main galleries are located next to each other in the centre of town. Leeds Art Gallery
and the Henry Moore Institute offer a range of 20th Century British art and sculpture respectively,
and admission is free. Henry Moore, famous sculptor, spent some of his life in Leeds, as well as being
trained here.

Explore the surrounding area

Mentioned previously, Leeds is a hub to many other places. Equidistant between the Yorkshire Dales
National Park, the North York Moors National Park, and the Peak District National Park, Leeds can

be the base for many days’ worth of exploration. Why not take a train to Ilkley and walk across the
moors? Or hop on a bus to Harrogate and explore that historical spa town?

Whatever you choose to do in Leeds, you’re guaranteed to have a fulfilling time in this great city. Get
out there and explore!

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