5 Things to do in Cambridge

The English city of Cambridge has helped to shape the world in which we live today. The famous university has competed with Oxford throughout history and is one of the more famous city landmarks. There are many things to do in this vibrant, history soaked city; so read on to find out some of the best things to do in Cambridge…

1. Cambridge Bike Tours

The geography of the region is typically flat which creates the perfect conditions for cyclists of all ages. No big hills to navigate mean that the beauty of Cambridge can be viewed from the saddle. Many local inhabitants use cycles to go about their daily business. This excellent way to see history is also available to tourists. Cambridge Bike tours allow the visitor to see the city at a leisurely pace. An eccentric guide will reveal the hidden delights of the town and surrounding areas. A vintage, antique bicycle is provided and the whole family will have fun pedaling around Cambridge. The tour also boasts the best place to photograph the magnificent Kings College Chapel, an architectural wonder and defining feature of the city.

2. Punting Tours

Similar to the gondolas of Venice, but here in the UK, there is perhaps no better way of enjoying the beauty of Cambridge than from the river Ely that majestically runs through the region. Guided tours allow a tourist to sit back and relax whilst admiring the beautiful scenery. The short tour covers many well-known historical places of interest and the guide will also detail their history. For more adventurous travelers it is also possible to hire a punt for a self- guided tour.

3. Cambridge University.

No visit to the city would be complete without a visit to the university itself. Alongside Oxford it is perhaps the most famous university in the world. The list of notable academics who have studied at Cambridge is endless, for example 85 Nobel Prize winners attended the celebrated University. The Gothic style architecture has inspired many buildings throughout the world. The university and its 31 colleges dominate the town and provide an excellent atmosphere. Cobbled courts, gardens and bridges all play their part in creating an area of beauty and tranquility.

4. Cambridge Arts Theatre

It is one of the busiest and liveliest venues in the city and often stages productions before they hit London’s West End. The theatre stages plays, pantomimes and concerts. It offers a memorable experience to visitors and tourists alike and provides an ideal opportunity to enjoy good regional theatre outside of the capital.

5. Cambridge Ghost Tour

The tour explores the more macabre history of Cambridge. Of course a city as old as Cambridge will have experienced its fair share of murder and death. The tour allows visitors to visit the more chilling areas of the city and the guide will supply added history. Apparitions and ghostly sightings have been reported all across the city and the dark and dramatic architecture adds to the experience.

Cambridge is a modern city that is proud of its connection with the past. Visitors will not be disappointed and there is a lot to take in and experience. If none of the above take your fancy, you could simply head down to the Cambridge Markets in Market Square; which have been around since Saxon times. There are different markets on different days, usually on Wednesdays, Saturdays & Sundays, where you can buy anything such as fresh fruit, fish, clothes, handmade jewellery, handmade baskets, ornaments, bags and smaller items you can buy as presents such as hair accessories.

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