Fishing is both a hobby and a commercial activity. Whichever you choose, no one wants to spend hours on a boring spot, even if you will end up with a boatful of fish. If you happen to be in the UK, the fishing experience there is undoubtedly addictive. The UK is home to an amazing variety of fish, ranging from salmon to trout. Fishing is definitely the best way to spend your leisure time, or if your vacation. There are many fishing spots available for you but here are 5 of the best fishing locations in the UK.

Bury Hill Fisheries is a 200-year-old estate that has been offering anglers a nice fishing experience for ages. It is located off the A25 Dorking to Guildford road, consisting of four lakes that are easily accessible for novice and expert alike. The lakes have got a wide range of different fish that will give you a great fishing experience. Many great anglers sharpened their skills here. You are also guaranteed to get a huge load of fish since most people will agree that nets of up to 300lbs are very common in Bury Hill Fisheries. You can view their site and book tickets and get ready to enjoy fishing like never before.

Another nice location where you can enjoy your fishing is Windmill Fisheries. It is located just a short distance east of Bristol, a few miles down junction 18 of M4 motorway. It is a beautiful four-lake complex where you can explore your angling capabilities. You can get tickets for the day, evening or 24-hour if you like. It has got high quality fish and the scenery is just amazing, with plenty of trees, shrubs and good grass too. There is also a small bait shop where you get your bait and any fishing tackle you may have forgotten, and a café where you can get hot or cold drinks delivered to you at your peg. Tickets range from £7.00 and £4.00 per day.

You may also like to check out Kilworth Sticks Fishery, situated in North Kilworth, Leicestershire. It is a five lake complex (with a sixth one coming soon). It has got flat accessible pegs and many nice facilities. Though a newcomer, fishing at Kilworth Sticks Fishery is just fun especially when it comes to Carp. Apart from the great fishing, you will also enjoy the tranquil scenery around. You can book tickets from as low as £1.00 and enjoy fishing from 6.30am up to 7am.

Hampton Springs Fishery is one of the best fisheries, located in Malpas, Cheshire. It is popular especially for its eight lakes and the stocking ensures that all anglers get the best fishing experience, regardless of their skill level. Many anglers come here from far and wide just to enjoy the fishing. You can get day and evening tickets ranging from £7.00 and extra rods at £2.00. You can easily book yours online.

Meadowlands Fishery is also one of UK’s finest fishing spots near Coventry, with two large lakes covering 17 acres of beautiful scenery. It is popular for its large fish and holds records of up to 265lbs of Carp. You can book your ticket, either day or end-of-day online ranging from as low as £4.00.

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  1. Steve Beckhurst /

    I have been asked to let you know that Kilworth Sticks Fishery in Leicestershire is no longer a commercial fishery. It is now a members only club water managed by Broome Angling Society. We would be very grateful if you could remove the page that relates to Kilworth Sticks from your website to avoid the possibility of causing disappointment to any anglers who may be given the impression that this is still a day ticket water.
    Many thanks.

    Best Regards
    Steve Beckhurst (Broome A.S. Webmaster)

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