5 Historic sights of Oxford

Visiting the South East part of England will lead you to the county of Oxfordshire and it is where you will find Oxford, which is widely known for their prestigious university. This city has been the home of many royalties, distinguished academic people and many historic sights that were built since the 9th century. Prepare to walk on memory lane and feed your hunger for trivia because Oxford will surely satisfy you with thousands of information that you will really be interested in.


And since there are thousands of things to witness here in Oxford, we have managed to narrow it down for you. So today we give you the top 5 must see historic sights in Oxford city. Prepare to be amazed and get cultured on these sights right now!


1. Ashmolean Museum– Arguably said to be Britain’s first ever official museum; it is definitely one of the greatest museums that was built in the world. Here you will find historical specimens that were first collected by a father and son tandem by the name of John Tradescant. The collection was broadened with the addition of the most valuable item that they have which is the Alfred Jewel dating 1718.


2. Christ Church– Definitely one of the largest constituent colleges that you will find specifically inside Oxford University. Besides from being a college, this one is also a real cathedral house and the home of the diocese of Oxford. Come here and witness the angelic voices of their famous men and boy’s choir. And for all you Harry Potter fans, I’m sure that you will find their dining area familiar to Hogwarts so it’s best to ready your cameras going!


3. Oxford University– This trip is never complete if you won’t get to see one of the world’s most prestigious universities. It has been the school of the many great minds in history especially the people of literature such as C.S. Lewis, J.R.R Tolkien and many more. Don’t forget to visit its 38 colleges and 6 private halls. It’s going to be an opportunity to see walk on the halls where some of the genius had stayed on this planet.


4. Sheldonian Theatre– This fortress was built by a genius designer who was Christopher Wren for the benefit of the University of Oxford. Built from 1664 to 1668, this theatre was named after the univeristy’s chancellor Gilbert Sheldon who also was the one who financed this project. You will find here such great performances in the field of music. This theatre is also used for lectures and other university programs. But don’t expect to see drama here despite of it being called a theatre.


5. Golden Cross– A trip is not complete without shopping! And yes, this city has one historical site that involves the trading and purchasing of goods. Found in the central part of Oxford, it’s best that you prepare your purses and cash because you’ll be up for really great deals. There are many small up-market shops in this place and it’s also known to be Oxford’s main shopping streets. It is part of history since one of the world famous poets lived here back in 1735. And before you leave this area, make sure to visit the Pizza Express!

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