5 Good Reasons to Go to Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh is Egypt’s main beach resort on the end of the Sinai Peninsula on the Red Sea. The resort area is an increasingly popular holiday destination for UK tourist, and there is good reason for this. Cheap direct flights from most regional airports in the UK (and Europe also) make Sharm an easy place to get to. And now that low budget airlines like Easyjet have added routes, the price of getting there has dropped markedly. But while it may be easily accessible for most in the UK, it is the year-round sunshine, sandy beaches, pristine water and affordable accommodation that are the main attractions. So if you are one of the many who are considering a holiday to Sharm el Sheikh, here are five of the best reasons to visit this fascinating place.

Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

Sharm el Sheikh is considered to have some of the best diving locations in the world. The water is crystal clear and warm, and the underwater world is in great contrast to the stark desert above. Because of certain currents, there is an abundance of plankton in the area which means a huge number and variety of fish is attracted. The large schools of sharks, barracudas and Murrays are seen every day as well as thousands of brightly coloured reef fish, coral and many other things.

The underwater world includes huge walls and shelves as well as caves and wrecks. One of the best wrecks to seen is there, the SS Thistlegorm. And according to this article, the Blue Hole is a must-see for competent divers. No shortage of diving then!

Camel Trekking into the Sinai Desert

A visit to the desert on the back of a camel is a once in a lifetime experience. Tours have their own bred camels and the landscape is extraordinary. In the evening, a homemade meal is prepared around a campfire and visitors can see something very few people experience. The night sky over the desert is brilliant beyond belief.

Quad Biking

For those who find camels a little too much, there are quad bike tours of the desert. Trips are conducted either in the early morning to see the sun rise or in the evening to see the sun set and the night sky. There are resting places along the way for drinks and snacks.

Saint Catherine’s Monastery

Saint Catherine’s Orthodox Christian Monastery is a UNESCO World Heritage site at the base of Mount Sinai. It is considered one of the oldest Christian monasteries still functioning in the world. The other one is the Monastery of Saint Anthony across the Red Sea south of Cairo. The monastery was built in the sixth century to surround the place where Moses saw the Burning Bush. It contains a living bush that is considered to be the original. After the Vatican Library, the monastery contains the second largest collection of manuscripts and codices in the world. The site is sacred to Muslims as well as Christian, and the original document where Muhammad declared protection of the monastery is still there.

Old Town Sharm

The local market is the place for bargains. Visitors are expected to haggle and usually win. The Old Town has some ancient buildings and caravan passages that are over 2,000 years old. Visitors also get a sample of the local life, some of which hasn’t changed in centuries. The sellers are pushier than in the tourist areas and it is better to go with a companion. It is easy to reach by taxi from the resort area.

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