5 Castles of Scotland

Scotland’s castles are a sight to behold, and below is our guide to 5 of the best the country has to offer.

1.      Edinburgh Castle

Dare not to miss this one if you plan to go on a castle-hopping mode because this sure is one of Scotland’s prides when it comes to its significance and its fame. Here you will find the very controversial and legendary Stone of Destiny. It’s also the home of the Scottish Crown Jewels- The Honours of Scotland and the 15th-century old siege canon known as the Mons Meg. Get to witness the 1 O’clock Gunfires courtesy of the ramparts everyday and still be surprised on sound of those gunshots.

2.      Stirling Castle

Relive the action back in the olden times when war was always the breaking news if the telly were already invented that time. Here you will find an amazing view that will help you go back to history seeing Scotland’s historical battlefields such as the Stirling Bridge and the Bannockburn. The great thing about this castle is that it was preserved to look its age dating around the 15th century.

3.      Blair Castle

Now for some serious royalty history, coming to this castle will be a treat! Here is where the historic seat of the Dukes and Earls of Atholl is located and also the residence of the Atholl Highlanders who are mostly known to be last existing private army in continental Europe.

The architecture and interior design of this castle has always been intriguing with its details inside containing inspiration from the Georgian and Victorian style and structure, which is from its original tower of medieval years. Here you will still find priceless materials from those days such as period dresses, antique furniture, historic art works and many more.

4.      Inveraray Castle

 Another castle with some real royalty who did reside from back centuries ago, the Inveraray Castle is home to the Duke of Argyll, Chief of the Clan Campbell. This prestigious family has lived here for more than 500 hundred years. The design of this castle looks like from one of those fairy tale books that popped out in reality with its towers completing the whole picture. Going inside will let your eyes marvel on some French tapestries and amazing vintage furniture available in Scotland, UK and France not to mention magnificent artifacts that can only be found in this castle. You surely won’t want to miss all of these.

5.      Glasmis Castle

 This one can make your jaw drop not only once but twice (or thrice depending on your facial capability) due to the known magnificence of its walls, fortresses and every single detail that has created it. It is built by the Cairngorm Mountains so there’s no doubt that its view and its landscape can be spectacular.

The spirit of royalty has always been here starting from the fact that it was the home of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Mother when she was a child. And this is also the place of birth of Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret. To top the trivia of this castle, Shakespeare made this the setting of this famous “Macbeth”.

There are still many other many other castles in Scotland that you could explore. We just happened to pick the ones that we think are the cherry on top of ice cream of adventure on visiting this lovely country. If you happen to stop thinking about the possibilities that true love could exist and that fairy tale stories are totally discouraging, then why not visit these castles and I’m sure that you will start to think otherwise.


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