3 Most Popular Surfing Spots in Devon

Surfing in Devon brings in people from all walks of life each year. The reputation that this surfing holiday location has built over the years attracts both beginner and advanced surfers from all over the country and overseas.

The shores of North Devon welcome surfers with open arms and those who seek surfing lessons will find many surf hire companies available. You can easily hire surfboards and wetsuits so you don’t need your own equipment to catch a wave.

The vast variety of accommodation and facilities available in these areas is a big reason why both surfing and Devon holidays are so popular. The numerous high quality campsites in Devon and caravan holiday parks are geared up for the influx of surfers every summer with young and old enjoying the great beaches and waves to surf.

There are 3 main surfing spots in Devon and here we look at each one:

Croyde Bay

Croyde draws the attention of more people than any other spot in Devon. The only possible detraction from the experience at Croyde Bay relates to the number of tourists that visit it. You might find that the waters and beaches are loaded with too many people.

Outside the school summer holidays, the best time to travel to Croyde Bay is during the week when most people are at work and at school during that time. Low tide is the best time to catch a wave if you have some experience with surfing. Beginners can also thrive at Croyde Bay as the tide rolls back in. Be careful during low tide. The shallow waters combined with the breaks of the waves make the surfing here a bit of a challenge.


Woolacombe has been gaining popularity each year with surfers and holidaymakers. The campsites here are fantastic and this particular beach is the best place to go for beginner surfers as some of the best surf instructors in the world can be found here so you’ll be in good hands. You’ll learn exactly how to catch your first wave and you’ll be hooked and wonder why never tried surfing before.


Often overlooked, this area of Devon offers fantastic scenery for surfers and the wind here give you the best chance to surf on days when the winds in other places aren’t very inviting. The beach faces toward the North West which means the winds tend not to ruin the waves. The rip currents at Putsborough can be quite powerful too so be careful. Younger, inexperienced surfers should never go alone to certain parts of Putsborough, especially since the waves grow in size the further north you go.

Surfing in Devon continues to grow and it’s easy to see why. The campsites and caravans parks in Woolacombe, Croyde and Putsborough will only make Devon become more popular in the future with surfers new and old.

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