25 Kitchen Life Hacks that Will Make your Life Easier


Sometimes simple things can make life easier. For example, the kitchen life hacks. Try these simple tricks that will save you time and money. Thanks to our friends, Ukrainian women for chat, for providing us with these charming ideas

How to check the freshness of eggs

To see if an egg is rotten or broken, lower it into the water. A fresh egg will sink immediately, and a bad one will remain on the surface.

How to keep vegetables from rotting

To keep vegetables and herbs fresh longer, cover the refrigerator’s bottom drawer with paper towels or newspapers. Or even wrap vegetables in paper; it absorbs moisture and protects products as well as your refrigerator.

Making your soup less salty

There is nothing more painful than to put too much salt in your soup. To fix the situation, add a few slices of apple or a raw potato to it and simmer for a few minutes. If your dish is still too salty, try to add a teaspoon of sugar. Does not work? Pour a little bit of apple cider vinegar.

Keeping cookies crispy

Always store crispy cookies separately from cakes and pastries. That way they will not absorb too much moisture and harden.

How to squeeze lemon juice without spoiling the lemon

If you need only a few drops of lemon juice when cooking or filling dishes, do not cut a lemon in half; it quickly dries. Instead, make a hole in its skin and squeeze as much juice as you need.

How to stock up on fresh herbs

If you like adding all kinds of herbs to your dishes, there’s a way to preserve them. Just wash the herbs and put them in the freezer in a sealed baggie and they will retain their quality.

How to protect your stored food from insects

Have you ever thrown away a whole jar of cereals because of the bug you find inside it? Keep insects off your stored food by putting a bay leaf near it. Its smell repels small bugs.

How to “refresh” stale bread

If your bread or a bun started to get stale, sprinkle it with water and put in the microwave for ten seconds. The house will immediately get filled with the smell of fresh pastry.

Keeping cheese from drying out

To protect a piece of cheese from drying out in your fridge, cover it with some butter or margarine. They will retain moisture.

How to keep butter fresh

If you always stock up on products, be sure to store butter in the freezer. Low temperatures will prevent it from spoiling.

Keeping sour cream from curdling

To make sour cream stay fresh longer, store it in the refrigerator, turning the jar upside down. It will create a vacuum and slow the growth of the bacteria that spoil dairy products.

How to stop brown sugar from hardening

Brown sugar often hardens over time. To keep it soft, store it in the refrigerator. Heat hardened sugar in the microwave for half a minute, or put it in a baggie with a slice of an apple to return softness.

How to degrease soup

If you made a whole pot of hearty soup and suddenly remembered that you were on a diet, do not worry. Put your soup in the fridge – all the excess fat will float to the surface. Then you can simply remove it with a spoon.

Making meat tender

If you accidentally bought a tough steak, marinate it in: beer, vinegar, citrus, pineapple, or tomato juice. And before frying meat, you can slightly scratch it with a grater.

How to make fruits ripen

Green fruits can ripen during the night if you put them in a paper bag with an apple. Apples emit ethylene that accelerates the ripening process.

Getting rid of bad smell in plastic containers

Plastic tableware has a porous structure, that’s why it absorbs odors easily. To avoid this, keep it “stuffed” with newspaper pages.

Dissolving carbon black from a frying pan

Sprinkle some soda and a few tablespoons of salt on your pan, then cover it with water and leave overnight. You’ll be able to clean carbon off the pan.

Keep your household wisely!

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