10 Reasons to Retire Overseas

When it comes to enjoying the golden years of retirement packing a suitcase and heading off somewhere abroad can seem mighty appealing. There are thousands of expats living out their retirement outside the UK and we’ve put together ten reasons to convince you to do the same.

  1. Weather – It will come as no surprise that one of the major reasons to head off elsewhere is the weather. The thing we spend most of our time moaning about! British weather is unreliable at best and for some it’s just awful. So if you are fed up with the cold, dark winters living out your retirement abroad could be the answer to your prayers.
  2. Safety – For others it might be that they want to live somewhere with lower rates of crime. Escaping from your inner city hell and living somewhere rural and peaceful can be possible. If you currently live in an area with constant police sirens it might be time to search for somewhere a little less dramatic. Visit www.fco.gov.uk for the latest information on safe places to live.
  3. Budget – As the global economy continues to be in turmoil your savings will probably go further elsewhere. Castle Cover recommends Thailand and Morocco as retirement options where your money will go far. Many countries have lower taxes and significantly reduced daily costs of living, compared to the UK, which can be attractive when faced with living on smaller pensions.
  4. Children – If your children have left the UK and started a new life abroad you may want to join them when your retirement begins. Places like Australia, Portugal and Spain are very popular and offer a high standard of living.
  5. Adventure – Perhaps you want to use your retirement years as a chance to explore the world and have fun. Basing yourself abroad and then touring the world is a wonderful way to experience different cultures.
  6. New life – If you don’t have children then retiring abroad can be an opportunity to start a new life in another country. For several pensioners it’s a chance to start again and become the person you’ve always wanted to be. Leave behind all your old emotional baggage and start afresh somewhere else.
  7. Hobby – As retirement draws closer most of us think about our hobbies. If you love cooking, history, painting, golf or even walking you might want to indulge in your passions and spend time developing your skills. When you pick somewhere to live make sure it has all the facilities you need to enjoy your hobby.
  8. Health – As you get older it’s common for your health to decline. For some people cleaner air, warmer climates and better living conditions are vital to help them enjoy their retirement.
  9. Friends – If you’ve got a busy social life you might decide to join friends who are already living abroad. Castle Cover listed Spain, Portugal and Greece as popular retirement destinations and they’re not far to keep in touch with family still in the UK.
  10. Slower pace of life – When you retire it’s a chance to stop stressing about emails and the constant strain of working life. Perhaps you’ve dreamed of living somewhere peaceful with wonderful countryside and stunning views.

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