Hi, welcome to my British Travel Blog! I’m Charlene, a born and bred Brit who just loves what’s on offer closer to home.

I’ve been lucky enough to go on quite a few holidays in my time – some in Europe such as France, Belgium, Portugal, a couple of trips to the US, and a couple of more exotic locations such as St Lucia, Barbados and even Sri Lanka, but some of the best trips or days out I’ve had have been right here in Britain, so I thought why not shout about it and let everyone know what’s on their doorstep?

Instead of spending ages looking at breaks abroad, ridiculously expensive holidays surrounded by young sunburnt lager louts who fight or throw up in the street in front of you while you’re having tea, why not go to somewhere in Britain you’ve not been to before?

OK, we might not have the weather that you can find in the likes of southern Spain (in fact most of the year it is bloody freezing!), but we’ve got a uniqueness that is unrivaled: quirky villages, natural beauty spots, stunning scenery, theme parks and magnificent people are what makes Britain great!

As the site grows, I’ll be trying to provide you with inspiration to take a holiday in the UK, and I’d love some help along the way – especially if you’re a blogger who loves Britain, or if you’ve had a trip somewhere in Britain and you want to tell the world about it,  so check out the write for us page if you want to contribute.

If you want to get in touch for any reason, head over to the contact us page and I’ll try and answer you as soon as I can!